Robust And High Compute

One of kind 6U Storage Server with Quad CPU configuration.  Fail over / redundant N+1 high output power supply was also a must in this project.  Not too mention this is over 150 LBS when it is all said and done.

Build With Versatility In Mind

This 1U Custom Server Solution is designed to have open internal space for accommodating various mainboard (up to 12″ x 13″ Extended ATX form factor), power supplies, add-on peripheral cards (one full size PCI and one half size PCI).  Most importantly, the server depth is less than 19 inches, which is one of the primary requirements for the US defense contractors for ships.

Just Cooling Fans

This is just that.  Up to TEN 40 x 40mm cooling fans that draws massive up to 240 CFM of air.  It takes only 1U of space in your overheating server cabinet.

Most Challenging Yet

Requirement from the US DoD, not need for fans but has to submerge in water or survive dust storm in the desert.

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