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OEM Chassis Solution Process
Design Phase
The initial process is to hear out what your company needs to achieve.  A dedicated sales engineer will be assigned to you covering the details of the project. Once all engineering information or actual parts were gathered, a unique project number is created.  At this point, an approximate project guideline and costs will be provided
Usually two prototype samples will be made. One will be kept at the manufacturing site and the other will be shipped to you for review.  Lead time can be anywhere from 2-4 weeks depends on the difficult of the chassis and the cost is $350 and up.  Prototype sample will be reviewed and modifications will be made.  If necessary, a second prototype may be made to guarantee that everything meets clients' expectations.  If you don't have any 2D or 3D drawings, we can help.   Rush prototypes can be done
within one week.
Define Phase
Specifications and Bill of Material will be final.  All changes have been made.  Custom case colors, logo size and positions will be final, even custom carton boxes.