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OEM Worksheet
Please fill out the following OEM worksheet form, and our sales engineer will contact you shortly.
1. Contact Information
*First Name
*Last Name
2. Chassis Dimension
Specify the size of the chassis in inches
3. System Board information
   M/B     SBC     Custom
Length                Board Model#
Width                  Board Maker
Height       Product Link (if any)
4. Drive Bay Requirements
Please enter quantity desired
5.25" exp.
Slim CD
Flash HD
2.5" Hotswap
3.5" exp.
Slim FDD
2.5" HD
3.5" Hotswap
CF exp.
CF Int.
3.5" HD
   SCSI     SATA     PATA      SAS
5. Expansion Slot
Please enter quantity desired
Full Size   L/P    Exposed
6. Color
Please specify color desired
PMS#    PMS#   PMS#   
7. Quantity & Targeting Time Frame
Please specify quantity desired and targeting time frame for each manufacturing stage
    Qty         Date
Pilot Run     
8. Special Instruction
If you have any special instructions, please specify below
Special Instruction