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Press Release
Breaking 15,000.
Month of May, 2018, Precision Micro is breaking its company record of supplying more than 15,000 Sanyo Denki cooling fans to its customers. These parts are being used in the US Navy as well as data centers for Fortune 100 companies.
10K Sanyo Denki Fans

Company in Wheeling, IL continue with PR420 as Their Main Configuration.
The newly spun off company based in Wheeling, IL continues the use of PR420 as their primary chassis. The chassis will be the staple unit for the customer's existing configuration and newly expanded configuration targeting e-commerce, robotics and track-and-trace technologies. Precision Micro is proud to be part of their supply chain.

Supplying the Largest System Integrator in Northern America.
With help of Sanyo Denki, we successfully expedited cooling fans to the largest System Integrator in the North America in a remarkable turnaround time of 3 weeks. Both Sanyo Denki and Precision Micro see the importance of this project and make it possible.