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Philosophy: We believe your success is our success.

Experiences/Knowledge: Our team has more than seven years of industry involvement
specializing in PC enclosure and rackmount case designs.  We have worked on projects that are well into the 1000's of units.  We welcome OEM or ODM.

Product: This is the part where we excel from our competitors.  Our product manager relentlessly develops a full and complete line of products, so that you will have the latest and greatest technology.  Our product lines are from cabinet enclosures, rackmount cases, barebone servers, PC case, power supplies, and adding.

Logistics:   Depending on the project life, we offer logistic supports to all major metropolitan areas in the northern America.   We will ship products to you or your customer on a delivery schedule to ensure inventory or production flow.

Service: Our administrative staffs act on a timely fashion.  We believe timing is everything in this business.  You can reach us via 951-833-3319