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FIO115 - 1U Short Chassis with Front I/O Design
Description :
1U, 15 inch deep ATX chassis, 2 x 40mm fans, front I/O design layout

Features :
  • Specialized front I/O, PCI, Power connector design
  • Ideal chassis for security appliances
  • Accepts MB up to 12 by 9.6 ATX form factors
  • Optional 1 x PCI slot available for full height card
  • Vent rear panel design for maximum airflow
  • Able to mount 2 systems in a 1u space, front & back
  • Application: Security & firewall appliances
Model NoDescription
FIO115A250FIO Series 115 Chassis with 250w ATX 12V PS
FIO115A300PFIO Series 115 Chassis with 300w ATX 12V PS, PFC
FIO115E350PFIO Series 115 Chassis with 350w EPS 12V PS, PFC